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Winter is coming | 3D SexVilla 2.150

Fire & Ice – Mountainside Chalet

Being snowed in sharing a mountainside chalet with either friend or stranger for not as lonesome a stay in a far-away country cabin and make your stay a treat. Hustle a “Snow Bunny” for some après-ski seduction, schnapps and snuggly sex. Bag the hot snowboarder MILF for some private one-on-one personal instructor action and find out what a ski pole is really for! Find your perfect location for a Tyrolean, Rocky Mountain, Andean or any mountain retreat vacation fantasy.

Ski & Snowboard Chic

Hitting the slopes in style requires chic high-fashion winter outfits. Wrap up and keep your models’ perfect little body warm beneath her down filled and fur trimmed ski clothes. The outer layers are of course designed to be stripped off to get to the good stuff, and the ski jacket combo includes undress versions of jacket and undergarment!

New Snow Angels

Getting these two angels laid on their backs in sparkling fresh powder snow makes some Snow Angels both entertaining and enjoyable. Either provides a relaxing fireside massage for sore muscles and/or other body parts in need of stimulation. Fengfang from Hong Kong is very good at using fragrant and aromatic oils for a fun rub’n tug while captivating Rebecca from the UK strengths are binding, tying and controlling while being on edge.

New Euro Inspired Hairstyles

Two new hairstyles include a Bavarian Oktoberfest-influenced style as well as a themed style with long braids to grab and serve up some fun. Another trendy idea is a Bohemian razor cut that is short and sassy – a textured hairdo particularly for fun fashion models.

New Tattoo Pack

This new tattoo pack includes a collection of five of ankle and back of neck tattoos. Use these tattoos to adorn and decorate your models and combine them in different ways to make any model truly unique and personalized.

New Jewelry Pack

The new jewelry pack comprises three sets of earring and necklace combos. Use this jewelry to dress up any casual, formal or fetish wear with additional style and spice up a model’s ensemble in new and different ways. Please remember – Models also look great in jewelry only!

Latest News: Garden of Desire | 3D SexVilla 2.147

Garden of Desire

Bonsai oriental gardens reflect the fleeting quality of beauty and are designed to idolise nature rather than to regiment her. The “Garden of Desire” constitutes both a Far East Zen-tastic location for erotic meditation to restore the harmonic balance and a semi-private walled garden to show off aggressive public sex. Convert the scenario in a relaxing and serene place with raked gravel, stepping stones, lanterns, a Chinese gate and a gentle creek.

Meet Nilla & Jaqueline

Come to know our two new girls from Sweden, at the very moment visiting the garden of desire for some sightseeing. These two blondes will bring some dirty action to your meditation.

Two New Hairdos!

The first is the perfect power plait featuring a single wrap-around French braid with bangs and a velvet head band for equal parts fashion and function! The second one are funky organic dreads, coils of matted tangles of hair for reggae Rasta-style hipsters!

Fetish Toy Four Pack

Check out the new “Whack Pack” featuring funky instruments and bibelots. You will get tons of whacking and slapping pleasure such as the wicker Rug Duster, fabulous Furry Paddle, mini Garden Rake, and rubber tire Tread Paddle. Smack, thwack, thrash, wallop, ding, nail, rap anything in sight with this fearsome foursome.

New Tattoo Pack

Novel tattoo art for ink freaks to be applied on shoulder, arms or the lower back area. It includes ten tattoo themes featuring animals as well as Celtic and tribal designs.

English Voice Pack with Russian Accent

Do you have a soft spot for hotties with a Russian accent? Use our English voice pack to have your Slavic models speak with an ultra-sexy Russian accent. "I veel make thees theeng beegger" should make any dick stand to attention when addressed by your favourite Russian-accented babe. Obaldenny!

Enhanced ToyEditor

We tweaked last updates to the giant toy size editor in order to include a setup wizard which can be used to help determine the size of the toys in relation to the models via a reference limit. Super Size Me!

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