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3D SexVilla 2.150

The winter comes – 3D Sexvilla 2.150

Fire & Ice – The ski-chalet at the mountainside.

Let´s have horny fun in a snugly mountainside chalet! You´re getting snowed in with an exciting “Snow Bunny” – that means, it´s time for pure après ski seduction, schnapps and unrestrained hardcore sex. Let´s show the cute snowboarder MILF what a ski pole is really made for! This is going to be a very entertaining winter holiday trip

New Outfits – Ski & Snowboard Chic

If you want to hit the slopes in style you need high fashion winter outfits. Fortunately, this new 3D Sexvilla update provides some down filled and fur trimmed ski clothes to keep your 3D babes perfect bodies warm. And don´t worry – the ski jacket combo includes undress versions of jacket and undergarment, so it´s really easy to get to the good stuff!

New 3D Sluts – Rebecca & Fenfang

Two new snow angels who want to fulfill all your dirty fantasies. Captivating Rebecca is a girl from England who likes tying games, controlling and binding. Fenfang is an Asian girl specialized in the use of aromatic oils for a fun rub & tug. Both girls would like to provide a hot massage for your sore muscles and any other body parts which need to be stimulated!

New Hairstyles for your favorite 3D Sluts

This 3D Sexvilla update provides two new euro inspired hairstyles – one in “Oktoberfest-style” with long braids and a short Bohemian razor cut.

New Tattoos for the Girls

A 3D Sexvilla update would not be complete without some new tattoos – the new pack includes a range of 5 each of cool ankle and back of neck tattoos. Use them to decorate your 3D models and combine them in different ways to create a dream girl who is really unique.

New Jewelry

An amazing jewelry pack with 3 sets of earring and necklace combos - use them to adorn your 3D girls in your favorite style. And remember that many girls look best in jewelry only!

New Mod Packs

The 3D Sexvilla 2.150 update includes texture mod packs for the new winter cloth options, hairstyles, as well as for the “Ski Chalet” and “Classroom” scenarios. There are additional chalet location sound-effects available, too.

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