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3D SexVilla 2.135

Sexvilla 2.135 Update

The new Sexvilla 2.135 Update has been released – it comes with many new locations, amazing horny girls and some great new features! See for yourself:

The Newsroom – Sex in the Television Studio!

Outrageous: A beautiful Weathergirl blows her way to the top! It´s up to you to surprise her with her backroom co-anchors gang-bang video while she is busy forecasting multiple orgasms. Be creative and generate horny reports for your XXX Channel in your own TV Studio Newsroom. Your virtual Television Studio includes everything you need – for example, news and interview areas, TV cameras, desks and chairs, the “Ready Room” etc. Something very special is the infamous weather map virtual green screen technology – it allows not only the importing of maps as visual backgrounds or the display of static photo image stills, but also the playing back of imported or in-game recorded videos directly inside the Television Studio. Shock the Weathergirl with self-produced hardcore-videos and see what will happen! The Newsroom is a great new location – check it out!

Photo Studio Redux

The thrixxx-developers have done a bit of recycling and retrofitted the Photo Studio Scenario with the new “Green Screen Wall” technology, too. It´s especially designed for photo shoots against larger background scenes. This new feature is perfect to create your very own fully staged “Mockumentaries” and “Mockbusters”. This virtual make-over really ads value, functionality and new creative opportunities to the Photo Studio – this is the “must have” of the season!

New 3D Slut: Julia Herz

This new Cybergirl is modeled after the real Julia Herz, a beautiful Venus Award winning porn starlet from Germany. Now you will have the opportunity to live out your wildest fantasies with one of the hottest amateur porn stars ever! She is always horny and already waiting to have interactive Sex with you. The German SexPacks got her actual voice (even recorded during REAL orgasms), but you can enjoy screwing her in English, Spanish, French or in any other language mod packs, too. Have virtual sex with a real porn starlet!

New 3D Slut: Kate

Kate is a sexy newsreporter with a long blonde set of lovely locks – we are sure you will love this latest addition to the stable of sexy Thrixxx Girls.

New Double Up Outfits

Lingerie Designer Kate shows her new sexy collection: The 3D SexVilla 2.135 Update brings you two new outfit combinations – a mock turtle neck sweater combined with tight form fitting pants and the classic “boudoir corset” combo complete with frilly thong panty bottoms and a nice open backed ribbon lace up corset top. Important hint: Download the Texture pack from Gamerotica so these combos can do double duty with other modded designs.

New Hairstyles: Double Down on Hairdos

This update brings you two new hairstyles for the lovely weathergirl from the Television Studio, too: A vertically-stacked system “updo” for windy stormy days that can handle any weather and the new shear “bangs” style which is simply perfect to bang your 3D Weather-Slut. We are sure these new hairstyles will create a high pressure zone down under!

Throne Room Mod Pack

This cool new mod pack allows you to create your very own Santa´s Chair location in the Throne Room and to have sex with all those lovely photo assistant elf´s on it. But don´t get Santa caught with his pants down because Mrs. Claus might really get angry and she will kick those nasty little elves asses back to the North Pole! With this PSD mod pack the throne room can take on regal new looks whenever you want to.

Old School Textures / X-Mas Special Room Mod Packs

The thrixxx developers added two more stocking stuffers to this 3D Sexvilla update to provide more playing fun! With this original old school textures you can change up the “bedroom” texture to turn it into a skanky hotel room. And you can mod the “living room” to become a hipster Penthouse apartment or a cozy Ski Chalet. By the way, these are old school originals, but there are no PSD´s so you will have to carve them up yourself. But hey – this will be a good way to pass the time during the Christmas days!

New Sound effects

The amazing 3D SexVilla 2.135 Update includes two new SFX bundles with a bunch of classic sex sound effects – for example, different unique sounds for finger banging, doggy fucking, licking, sniffing etc. On the other side there are new sound effects for bathroom sex, pounding bed springs and squeaking beds, too. All this new hardcore sound effects add to the audio fun and will make this fantastic sex simulation game appear even more realistic!

Additional Xmas Treats & Tweaks

- Added Green Screen function for the “Photo Studio”
- The gagballs are adjusted, so they really prevent the girls from speaking
- You will be able to save the volumes in the settings dialogue
- Now the .avi extension for movies (and even for Gamerotica.com upload) is allowed
- Disable auto-undress to keep male or shemale pants on for sexposes

OK, that´s all – we wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of fun with this amazing new 3D SexVilla 2 Update!

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