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Pleasure from Pain!

Not all orgasmic pleasure is derived from safe, sane and consensual vanilla sex! Pleasure's inverse is pain, and is equally as powerful aphrodisiac as love and romance, so here's a new way to control orgasms! 'Pain2Orgasm' is a new power exchange option that can be added to any scenario! Strap on, whipping, spanking, wax play any toys that effect the orgasm meter take on a whole new dimension! Cross the threshold and whip your model to a freak-out climax wherever and whenever you want.

Fetish Club Textures- Tops & Bottoms

Redecorate the Fetish Club top to bottom. We're turn the textures for the Fetish Club loose on Gamerotica with this update. If your erotic preference and personal style involves intense sensory and visual stimulation, fantasy BDSM role play, the consensual use of restraints and toys, switch things up in the original Fetish Club to suit your personal fantasies.

Fishnets & Mesh

Make your pick of fetishistic bodytight sheer pantyhose, thigh highs or any hosiery styles to step up your models looks! The world of hosiery is literally a dizzying place, and it's now easier to spin your own web of nylon pleasures for bodystocking purists. Change mesh denier styles, seam placement, add or remove panty pattern and print details, nude heel, demi toe, reinforced, mini dress spaghetti strapped!

Bella Bella Bella

Holy Twilight Zone! Sink your teeth into this stubborn little bitch and screw Bella harder than any mere mortal could! Transform Bella as you see fit, and shape shift Bella's breasts, body and face, and fall in love with a 100 variations. If you would rather fuck Kristen Stewart, well with a little bit of imagination you can do that to!

Bad Hair Day?

Hairstyles are unique and often define and project one's personality to the world. Kinky, disheveled, close cropped, shaggy, luxuriant hairstyles all say something about the person! We are releasing a whole package of textures for base hair styles so now the community can create their own. Coif a new do by carefully rearranging the file templates to fashion your very own. Check out the 'Share Textures' section of gamerotica.com here:

Smile for the Camera!

Choppers, gnashers, ivories, no two people have the exact same teeth, and now your models don't have to either. 6 new teeth shapes & associated texture are being made available to change models smiles and personalities. Vampire fangs + braces + golden teeth + super white) in combination with the textures will make dentists out of modders and allow for color change, gap toothed, missing tooth, and even gummers for the really hardcore BJ fanatics!

Gamerotica 175.000+ Items

There are now over 175,000 user generated content items on Gamerotica! That's amazing and a lot of the 'off the chart' stuff may require items that members may not have collected.


• Added 'search filter' to all important SexBrowser tabs ( only 'shop' tab is excluded ), so it's now easier to find content specific items
• More save slots for toys
• Added tooltips for all standard commands like pose, outfit, voice, emote so pose names etc can be seen in the sequencer.
• Fixed Sequencer Room the custom toy sharing are misplaced item issue, and text display problem.
• Model BIO shows currently 'selected voice' details including SexBrowser voice preview & added VoiceSet information to 'Required Packages'
• VStroker adjustments and fine tuning
• Increased ingame settings dialoge
• Speech bubbles and text will get recorded in videos by now
• Pose Edit
- copying more than 1 frame at a time and paste to another area implemented
- Timeline extended to 32 seconds
• Gamerotica
- Screenshots 2x faster 'news block' and search/browsing
- Added downloads/views ratio filter and detail for shared items
- added vote count for stars
- Users can choose from a "reasons" list for reports. If we delete/deactivate the item the creator will automatically get a PM




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