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Holiday Season Bonus Update 3D SexVilla 2.120

Holiday Season Bonus Update

As a way to say thanks to our members this 'Holiday Season' we are providing this little stocking stuffer 'freebie' update for ALL to enjoy.
We checked the Gamerotica 'Wishlist' and picked a few items to present as a virtual gift to everyone of the Thrixxx staff this Christmas 2011!
We hope members find the time during the Holidays to kick back and chill, play with these new toys, and dream up even more great content, content that gives joy to others over and over, again and again! Thanks to all those that provide us the opportunity to listen to their dreams, that share their fantasies and content, and take sexy game role playing and content creation to a new level each year.

The ALL NEW Sequencer Room!

The 'Sequencer Room' is a new feature that allows the linking of multiple scenes and sequences into one single timeline. The linking of multiple rooms into one sequence allows for more complex story telling and fantasy generation. Choose the 'Sequencer Room' as the location and a new tab in the SexBrowser called ROOMS appears. Drag and drop available locations into a common timeline. You can even insert existing saved and shared community sequences to create unique combinations. Let your imagination run wild, but please read the following WIKI link before attempting to use the multi-room feature as it contains IMPORTANT tips and tricks!

Scene to Scene Auto Saved Outfits

This often requested feature from the community is now reality! Outfit setups are now independent of default room themes. Now when you change to a themed room, that used a themed default outfit, the current outfit combination in use will not get swapped out. No more unintended wardrobe changes when switching from scene to scene!

In-Game Media Browsing

Screenshot and video clip content management just got easier! Sometimes when trying to get that perfect screen shot from an action sequence you don't capture the exact moment you want. When recording video clips you go left instead of right with the mouse and mess up what you intended to record. Having to exit the scene to check the Media folder to review your shots and clips was a pain, but is no more. Easily pop into 'Media' folder directly from the in-game action with one-click to manage your pics or flicks of your favorite chicks or dicks!

The United Nations of Sex

Sometimes the best fantasies and stories require a culturally correct 'bio' for a specific model to fulfill a role. Sometimes one needs to get a fan art favorite look-a-like model's bio based on real-life exactly right including country. To help our elves doubled the list to 60 countries to pick from. New countries include additional European, Asian, South American, Middle East locales!

New are: Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia, Ukraine, Israel, Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, India, Argentina, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Chile, China, United Arab Emirates, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Columbia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Serbia, Haiti, Philippines, Peru, Jamaica, and Indonesia

Gamerotica Upload Fix

Gamerotica uploading has been tweaked to help users with slower connections upload their larger shared content items. Sometimes at GE if an upload took too long, the connection timed out and some users would see 'upload finished' but with Error 0. This has been fixed by rearranging the upload process! Up, up and away!



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