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The Strip club 3D SexVilla 2.117

Cabaret Extraordinaire!

Take the word 'tease' out of 'striptease' and really get down to business! The 'Strip Joint' gentlemen's club location is 5 different areas of night clubbing and stripping fun, a hybrid of the best-of-features based on 1000's of joints like this from around the world.

Gain admission to this world and manage this space to create your own club culture. Hand pick your own salacious staff members for bartenders or waitresses. Fool around with a bevy of bawdry strippers in private before opening or after closing each night.

Appointed with premium features: the traditional stripper stage for pole dancing and floor shows, a bar area for counter top dancing , lounge area seating for lap dances, pool table area and games room and even a stage for a band or DJ, this ready to rock establishment has all the quality amenities to play out ample fantasy scenarios.

History in the Making!

What's a strip club without scantily clad dancers in themed outfits? These new outfits, a fitting tribute to the origins of stripping, include:
• turn of the century influenced French 'Follie' Showgirl and roarin g20's Vaudeville Gangster Flapper Girl look (GE texture)
• a mid century 50's Sweetheart Bette Page look (GE Texture)
• iconic 70's Playboy and modern day Chippendale's for men look (GE Texture)

These exotic dancer ensembles, with a modern twist, will brighten up your collection of outfits and light up the stage.

Don't forget that textures for these and others are released to Gamerotica to create your own personalized looks!

P.S. There are literally thousands of mix and match outfit combinations in-game, and available on the GE community with the connector, to create the perfect stripper look.

Urban Chic Hairstyle

A new do for hair buffs! A short and sassy look for females or country renegade look for men, this unisex hairstyle is a versatile look for either sex! This 'spunky' style can flatter any shape face, and is bold and sexy for the hippest looks, or sporty and vivacious for that living life to the fullest attitude. Colorize and streak to compliment skin tone and eye colors and transform your models look to suit any outfit or scene for model photo shoots or glamour video sessions.

Partially Undressed

Don't get caught with your pants down. Well on second thought maybe one would want to if a BJ is involved! Want to depict a quickie with pants down in the park for a public sex romp, or just too anxious to get your pants all the way down in time in the bathroom or bedroom? Stripping down and getting naked is sometimes half the fun when it comes to sex so we have included for the first time the ability for 'guys' to have sex without having to be totally naked down there. This pants pulled down combo allow this!

• Featured I Girl
• Featured I Male
• Featured II Girl

QuickTime vs. BigTime!

Move over Apple 'QuickTime', a new kid is in town! thriXXX's 'BigTime' is in the house and on the scene! It's the BIG deal! Quickie video clips, short replays only, and trailer length restrictions are no longer. You can now upload and share long format extended length videos you have captured to Gamerotica !

Release your inner Scorsese, Cameron, or Spielberg and create AO 'BigTime' full feature and epic length movies. Automated multi-part uploads now allow 'BigTime' full length videos. Machinima nirvana awaits!

Help Us Help You!

We are here to help you get the most of your 3D sex game experience, and we are making changes to how we provide basic in-game help, tips and tricks. There has been a lot of features and functionality added over the years and some parts of the game have become quite complex and it's often hard to remember what does what. Basically we are outgrowing the in-game help system.

To provide more versatility, useful context sensitive information, and easy to update help, much more than can be included in the current in-game system, we are transitioning to WIKI based web browser help documentation & support , like the big boys Microsoft, Adobe et. all.

No more having to exit a scene to get to the help pages. Now you can have a context sensitive help window open up in a browser by Pressing F1 when hovering over a menu item and the tool tips section in the upper left corner turns to red indicating there is a related WIKI help page.

Need to have a visual guide to all the keyboard shortcuts, can't remember how to do Key Frame editing in Pose Edit? Have the latest information at your finger tips while you play and toggle between help and an active game session to figure things out. The WIKI is constantly being added to and upgraded in regards to more detailed help, video tutorials etc., and now connected to browsers it will be much more useful.

Please note this is a first step in the transition so not all menu items will be connected to context sensitive help to start with. We however promise to evolve this important source of information with each new release so stay tuned!

Menu Changes to Serve You Better!

Menu's are an important part of the flow of an experience when interacting and creating so we have regrouped modes and editors. The 'Media' folder containing your screen shots and video clips is now accessed at the top level menu, while play modes and editing tools are all in one convenient location.

Also we have changed the UI for not yet unlocked content and game features. All icons now appear in the game UI for all features instead of an empty space with a question mark. If a feature has not been purchased and unlocked via SexCoins, a lock appears on the time indicating it's not free to be used until obtained through the SexShop.




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