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3D SexVilla 2.153

3D Sexvilla 2.153 Update

Right in time for Christmas, thriXXX issues another great 3D Sexvilla update with new girls, scenarios, and much more! See for yourselves:

New 3D Models: Ginny & Malila

Malila is a strong willed girl in a Native American look who knows exactly what you want! But be careful, she´s a little bit difficult: You have to keep her happy or she will leave you to find a new lover! The other new 3D babe is “Ginny”: “Ginny” stands for “virgin maiden, chaste, pure” – but believe us, she isn´t any of that! She may be a little bit introspective, philosophical and sometimes critical, but in fact she´s a dirty little slut. If you get to know her more closely she can be very affectionate, appreciative and comforting. You will have a really good time together!

New Hairstyles for Girls!

Enjoy two new amazing Girly-Do´s to customize the look of your 3D Babes! There´s one sporty hairdo with cute pig tails and loops – it´s perfect for sexy yoga instructors or hot cheerleaders. The other hairdo is a funky short messed up saucy pixie with textured waves with up-do bangs. It will give your girl a bitchy fierce yet highly fashionable style or a feminine soft romantic look – it´s your decision!

New Location in an amazing Asian Style

A 3D Sexvilla 2 update would not be complete without another new location: This time it´s a classic Asian themed bedroom complete with shoji rice paper walls, tatami mat straw floors, decorative lanterns and silk wall hanging scrolls. The central element of the scenario is an old Japanese style wooden bed which is perfect to live out all your extravagant sexual fantasies – your Geisha girl will love it!

New Fetish Toys Pack

This great paddle whack pack is a must have for all BDSM-lovers! The pack contains a leather triple XXX rivet studded spanker, a pink heart-shaped quilted flogger paddle for tender spanking, a bristly inspired mischief maker slapper brush and an electrified fly swatter. Turn your Christmas party into a painful spanking event!

New Tattoo Pack

Enjoy 10 new tattoo designs especially created to decorate tits or to embellish nipple piercings. You can choose between simulated hand-poked or ground-in ink designs. Let´s check out the new ink and create some body art!

New Mod Packs

Enjoy new mod packs to improve your playing fun. There are four new textures ready to be downloaded for free:
- “Hair Pack” (Hairstyles VII)
- “Hentai Classroom”
- “Jail” (bust out of jail with your own mods)
- “Plane” (refurbish your private jet´s cabin to your own exacting specifications)

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