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Dead End Back Alley | 3D SexVilla 2.144

Welcome to the Back Alley

You like public sex in unusual places? If so, the dead end back alley scenario is exactly what you need! The dirty back alley with its dead end nooks, crannies and the deserted car garage storage area is perfect for a daring quickie – but just don´t get caught!

New 3D Girls

Prepare yourself for another two hot 3D Sluts: Dark haired Monica isn´t only a bartender from Italy, but also a bisexual beauty. And then there´s Oxana, a horny college recruit from the Ukraine. Have some fun together!

New undressed Outfits

Enjoy three new outfit combinations with special undress features: A sexy mini-skirt & jacket top, very sexy teddywear under garment with full length knee high suede boots and a tasty little silk frock that´s very ease to slip off. Let´s expose some titties and get down to business!

New Hairstyles for Girls

The summer is coming, so it´s time to give your favorite 3D models a new look. There are two new hairdos, created by the top hairstylist in town.

New Jewelry Packs

The Sexpack update includes four new jewelry packs, each one in a different style to match your personal taste – from simple bobbles to the jungle priestess black panther jewelry.

New Tattoo Pack for the Tits

This 3D Sexvilla 2 update provides a new pack with 10 amazing nipple tattoos to decorate your models tits.

Limb Length Animation

This update provides an amazing new PoseEditor Feature: By popular demand, the limb length can be unlocked to be used in animations with different sized models. If you are into giantesses fantasies about Amazon women dominating small men this new option is perfect to adjust your models to your personal taste. For the first time ever it is possible to plug into poses with predefined character sizes and to stretch their limbs the way you want to (it works with both female and male models).

Please note that this is an entirely new class of pose animations that are animated and not created using Customizer. This means, the sizes cannot be adjusted in Customizer and can only be changed in Pose Edit. All existing Gamerotica- and current thriXXX-poses are not affected, but it may be possible that older poses might not appear to work properly if you use height adjusted models.

Atomic Cock Customization

Sometimes bigger can really be better! If you love giant horse cocks this new feature with Atomic Cock length and girth options is exactly what you need! Create an amazing Monster Cock to explore places no man has ever been before…

Attention: These Cocks are so big they are able to break things wide open – so it could be not all poses and animations will work properly.

Toy Editor Scaling and Bending

There are two new slider controls in the Toy Editor that enable you to bend sex toys and to make them really large. Create giant dildos (even double ended ones!), massive butt plugs, freaky king dong dildos and so on – use your imagination!

Piercing Location Customization

Many people think a punctured lip looks quite sexy – especially when you kiss a lip piercing can cause really hot feelings. Use this new feature for piercing location customization to decorate the face of your favorite 3D girl. Now it is possible to slide piercing locations along the lip line and to turn on and off locations. Choose between different kinds of piercings – for example, spiked virtual surgical steel jewelry shapes as well as different rings and semi-circular barbells. Create the individual 3D girl you always dreamt of!

Hair Translate, Rotate and Scaling Customization

Thanks to this revolutionary trio of sliders it´s possible to fine tune hairstyles to create totally unique looks. Use the Hair Customizer to adjust the X-Y-Z coordinates for wigs, grow or flip hair layers completely around to fabricate new styles and so on. You´ll get two brand new hairstyles as a bonus!

Eyeball Customization

Use new fantasy eye candy effects to create a girl with a very special look! Chose between different kinds of detailed irises (for example glazed, spotted or solid ones), cat & serpent eyes, vampire & cyborg eyes, extra large eyes and even happy face contacts. It is possible to adjust the color, too.

Tongue Color & Size Customization

Here we have two new sliders to change color and size of the model´s tongues. Use this new customization option to create evil black tongues or very big tongues which are perfect to suck and lick – there are many possibilities…

Sound Effects for the Back Alley

Enjoy 13 new sound effects fitting for the back alley scenario – for example, people, cats & dogs, vehicle sounds and neon signs.

New Tightlacing Body Shapes

“Tightlacing” is a special style of corset and girdle and a “must have” for BDSM and Steam Punk fanatics! Dress your model up in the thin wasted “Wasp” waist – if she´s into SM she will surely love it!

Beauty Spot Texture

Many female celebrities were (or are) famous for their sexy beauty spots – for example Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford or Madonna. This new features allows to decorate your 3D models with beauty spots. Use a slider to create the perfect look and to adjust the spot´s intensity.

Better Erection Animations

This update provides options to make the penis scale animation more realistic – now it´s possible to show how the dick gets bigger and bigger…

Improved Butt Animation

This amazing feature lets your girl´s ass wiggle while she´s in Action – shake your booty for me babe!

New Face Limits

The thriXXX team pushed the girl´s mouth limits to the maximum so that every cock will fit. There will be no more excuses like “your cock is too big”- finally!



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