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Sento Communal Bath and Modern 'Lux' Bathroom

The Japanese believe proximity to other s in a bath leads to emotional intimacy which is termed 'skinship'. Get a little more than communal with a lot more 'skin' in the game via the traditional Japanese style public bath! There's no rice paper wall divides between the sexes here, perfect for public sex fantasies!

Hentai 3D 2
The time is ripe for a hot cum shower in this luxurious modern bathroom with a penthouse view. The perfect place for masturbation bathroom fantasies or Hentai dick blowing bukakees with easy clean up.

Two New Faces

Introducing new beauties for your seductive imaginings! 'Czech out ' the impeccable eastern European beauty of Denisa, or the charming prim and proper UK 'bird' Kathy! Both are nymphomaniacs under the hood waiting for you to generate naughty fun together!

New Do's for Spring

Time for a spring clean? Polish up and define your favorite model with a new 'Do', or transition her from a winter to spring look with these two hot new hairstyles. These two sassy hairstyles are in for spring!

Four For Fetish Fans

We've added 4 'Beautiful Beaters' to the Toy Packs section of the SexShop. Sure to leave a lasting impression, the Carpet Beater, Paddle Boot Sole, Rug Beater, and Needle Hammer really kick ass for spanking fetish fanatics!

Spanish Foreign Accent

Refine your models personality with the addition of Spanish accented English voice-overs. Blending together the hot and spicy romance language of Spanish with English creates a new voice pack for your models from Spanish speaking countries of origin.

New Loft Sequencer SFX

New Cityscape environment sounds have been added. Use them in loft, office, coffee bar, and city park sequences to create more big city style ambient audio sound tracks.

Sento Communal Bath

Modify the Japanese Sento Communal Bath to your own wishes with this free texture pack:
Texture Mod Sento

Keep calm & get inked

We added a full pack of new artistical tattoos to express your girls meanings on her skin. Getting a new ink in spring is always a good idea to make sure you have an eyecatcher for the beach in summer.

NEW: Dedupe

NEW: added MOD item deduplication: don't create items for MODs you don't want!


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