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Café Romance

Cum get your grab-n-go coffee or sexpresso BUZZ from sexy young Baristas in the local neighborhood coffee shop! Sit down for a little coffee shop chat on a date, or end a shift with a little after hours action in the backroom or toilet. No decaf or boring house blends served here, you'll be cumming back 3 times a day for a fix. Warning: do not play with this 'Banging the Barista' location while actually drinking scalding hot coffee! Please Drink Responsibly!

Sexy Baristas Zoe and Lindsey!

Order up a double shot, and an ordinary day at the coffeehouse can quickly turn into an erotic adventure with these 2 foxy, friendly and frisky coffee shop girls. Lindsey is like a sweet aromatic coffee, with a silky body that leaves a pleasant sharp taste in the mouth, while Zoe is a little nastier like a rich full bodied brew with only a hint of sweetness. If you become one of their regulars these perky girls won't screw up your order!

Hot New Hairstyles

Our first two new can't miss hairstyles for 2013! One is a full bodied well balanced long hair style that lingers to shoulder length. The second is a light and lively medium length do with distinct crisp and clean lines that's easy fitting for a night of cocktails or a raucous romp in bed.

Flavor of The Day

Whether you want your barista to be the organic earthy casual type with almond nougat sweetness, or you want a harder edged big city gal that will grind and roast you, these first and second crack outfits are Fair Trade certified! Make your models spicy, exotic, hard roasted or a slow dripper based on their outfit and dress.

Mr. Coffee Meet Mr. PeePee

You asked for it and now pecker play takes on a whole new dynamic with hard-on penis animation in Pose Edit. Play with yourself, animate and bend the dick from flaccid to rigid! Exacting accuracy allows for wiggle and fit into any twat or tit fucking animation scenario.

BTW We've added links to penis animating in 'Cool Things To Do in Pose Editor' on the WIKI so check out these two links to learn more!

Café & Beach Location Texture Packs

The cool thing with coffee shops these days is that anything goes! As the new owner of the local brew house you can redecorate to your heart's content with the latest texture release. There's millions of beach in the world, and now mod the thrixxx virtual beach a million ways too! Create time of day themes like a sunrise for an early morning dip, or a star filled sky for a moon lit midnight frolic!

• Texture Mod Coffeebar
• Texture Mod Beach

Beach Sound Effects

Create a unique new ambience and atmosphere for your nude beach scenes. We've added a dozen new background nature sound effects to create a relaxing environment for amazing beach sex.

Male Golden Shower

How about a pissing contest? Girls vs. the Boys! Now you can empty the males bladder in arousing or humiliating fashion. We've added a male Golden Shower water sports capability. Now included with the Golden Shower option, and free if you already have that action for the females.

Don't Be a Square

Now you can literally 'Stick a square peg in a round hole!' We've added a 3rd rectangular base shape to the Toy Editor! Tweak, tune and texture it up to create a snarly board to spank those that really deserve it! 'Fuck me with a brick' if you want!

Minor Tweaks & Fixes


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