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Do It Yourself!

Use the decrepit mad scientist Frankenstein style dungeon and sex lab, filled with unorthodox experimental scientific equipment, for monstrous endevours. Develop your own secret techniques to imbue inanimate bodies with life and reserect the dead. The laboratory includes the dangerous high voltage Jacob's Ladder for electro-sex, rotary operating and torture table, and other dungeon furniture and scenarios to satiate ones quest for scientific knowledge via sexual experimentation! Don't forget to download the labratory mod pack to customize this space!

The Aristotelian Perversion

Extreme 'Dressage' PonyPlay outfits come in two flavours for the females, with one including kinky harness wear and PonyPlay correct constraining 'Derby Hoof Boots' and 'Hoof Mitts' and 'Ponytail Fall' head gear and hairstyle. The male outfit is a themed throwback to an 1880's period piece intended to let one express their inner Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. It includes a gentlemens top coat and top hat complete with riding pants and boots. Gentlemen mount your horses.

New Equine Female Hairstyles

'Pornyplay' , oopps meant to say 'PonyPlay', in its simplest form is altered mind space play where one person takes on the role of a horse, giving up their human rights and becoming the submissive, while the other becomes a dominatrix and plays the role of rider, trainer or caretaker. These two new hairstyles are the perfect accompanyment for PonyPlay role playing including the classic 'Ponytail Fall' for the dominator and the innocent 'Equestrain Rider' look for the submissive!

Leave an Impression

For fetish lovers a couple of new items, a new flogger paddle implement and some new alchemy of sorts for squirting and gushing aficionados, and some hot chocolate. 'Good Gush' via a little digital chemistry one can now control the color mix, intensity and timing of the rythmic spurt of love juices. For chocolate lovers it can be poured to create tasty sweet agonizing pain. The new paddle can be used in conjunction with the riding crop to properly train and disipline your pony during equine play.

Introducing Sarah & Eyebrow Modding

The name Sarah traditionally means a princess or lady of high standing, who is diplomatic and tactful in her relationship to others, a friendly and gentle person of a sensitive and peaceful disposition. In our virtual world Sarah can be anything one wants, especially when seeking a greater understanding of the world thru sexual experimentation, but by definition and namesake, Sarah is a submissive in training, be it for PonyPlay or whatever ones little heart desires for this whip smart fallen angel. With the release of Sarah check out the new Eyebrow Mod ability to 'tweak' a models eyebrows just the way one desire to create thousands of unique looks.

Let Their Be Light!

New Sequencer updates include some fantastic new features, based on community feedback wishlists, to allow more control and creativity in sequencees. Sequence authors now have access to scene light customization abilites that can be saved inside sequences. Addtionally users can get creative within the model timeline and use it to insert different versions of cloned models to make more characters appear in more complex storylines. Lastly a new labratory environment Sound pack can be used to highlight action in ones sequences for the lab.

200,000 + Shared Items

Gamerotica's shared content pool continues to grow and become a great resource for members. There are now over 200,000 UGC items to add to personal libraries for users to enjoy and play with. We of course want to thank our older members for their continued support and send an additional note of thanks to all new contributors as well for their support of the community. It's great to see the quailty and quantity of content grow and grow, and all of us at thrixxx appreciate the effort and hard work of everyone contributing!
Technical Updates

Disable Auto-Undress allows sex poses to be selected without having to fully undress! Great for seduction storylines or outdoor sex poses or where being partially dressed and slowly getting naked is half the fun. Transparent Screenshots for true transparent PNG see thru background (vs. key color BG's), makes it easier to combine models into other sexy screenshots to create images and scenes with more than 3 characters or layer them with other backgrounds in photo editing packages like Photoshop or with free programs like GIMP or Artweaver. Don't forget to check the WIKI to learn how to make ultra high resolution screen shots [CTRL + SHIFT +P].Pose Editor saving nows allows direct pose tagging within Pose Editor making it easier and more convinient to tage poses. Windows 8 Compatibility as been checked and tuned up.




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