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Arabian Nights Scene

Rub my magic 'lump' and see what pops out! If you've ever dreamed of finding a magic lamp, rubbing it and having a Genie appear too grant your 3 wildest wishes, this is the room to make those dreams come true. Steal away to this private corner of an Arabian Palace for sweet Turkish delights. Enter the forbidden Harem room areas featuring a bedroom for princely conquests, private patio area, rotunda, and super cool Hookah room! Light it up, this luxury alcazar setting has lots of flavor.

Female Genie Outfit

Genie style 'Haremwear' with extraordinary detail! Dress up Harem girls in forbidden satiny bejeweled Genie outfits that can't be seen in public complete with veil. Have them perform private striptease acts for their Master and 'unveil' them right down to their high heel sandals and nothing else.

Middle Eastern Styled Menswear

Holy 'bisht' Batman! Keep control of Harem girls as a Sultan prince in regally appointed Persian & Islamic middle-eastern style themed mens’ outfit. Complete with a Ghutra, including authentic Shemagh, Aghal, Bisht (Abaya) Sirwal and sandals. If you're wondering which is which: google it! We tried to make this as authentic as possible!

Outfit Texture Mods

Did you know that the patterns worn and the way the head gear and cloth is folded, can indicate membership to a certain tribe or region? The outfit textures will be posted on gamerotica.com as usual so you can mod the Shemagh and be a member of any tribe or royal family you desire. For easy color tweaks to the cute genie outfit, don’t forget to make sure you have the 'Colorizer' option from the SexShop! Slide those RGB values to your heart's desire so every girl in the Harem can have their own colored outfit!

• Texturepack Arabian Nights Girl
• Texturepack Arabian Nights Male
• Texturepack Arabian Palast

2 New 'Hairem' Styles

What's a female Genie or Harem slave girl fantasy without the right hairdo complete with ponytail? This hairstyle isn’t 2000 years old, but a modern twist on the classic 60's Sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie" complete with highlights. For the men - is that Beaver hair or Bieber Hair? Just kidding. A trendy forward swopping hairstyle for the times. BTW one of the leading search terms on google in 2011 was 'Bieber hair'. Go figure!


Holy Camel Toe… that's not a typo for SEX in that title is it? No it's SFX for 'sound effects' plus! A new function has been added to the Sequencer so unique sex sounds and other common everyday SFX can be scripted and put into action. 'I need a new toy'. We've heard that a lot in-game, but this new toy in the sequencer actually provides over 200 new XXX sex sounds recorded by some of the world's top porn stars, and common (?) sounds like phones ringing etc., to help build more diverse and interesting storylines!

Control Default Outfits

A new user controlled 'default outfit' system has been added to track which outfit combination 'stars' on your model and in different scenes. You can 'save' and 'load' custom outfits and 'star' them to use as a default outfit for a given model in Freemode. You can tag and untag different outfits to be used for different rooms. NOTE: If no outfit is tagged the game, default themed outfits are used. Outfits for sequencer and storymode are story driven, and assigned by the author so not affected by the 'star' system. For more details please visit this link in the User Help WIKI located here: http://help.thrixxx.com/doku.php?id=en:start

UGC Required Content Tab

There are now over 160,000 user generated content items on Gamerotica! That's amazing and a lot of the “off the chart” stuff may require items that members may not have collected. Now, each category on GE gets a 'required' tab to indicate what may be missing for a sequence. Users can then figure out what they need to collect, so fantasy scenes can be viewed as the creator intended.

Minor Fixes

• When moving models that are connected to a toy in pose editor with [Shift]+[A] and [Shift]+[K], the toy does not move along with the models, the model part connected to the toy doesn't stay connected to the toy and the animation won't get destroyed anymore
• Pose Editor camera returns to correct position after leaving advanced preview mode
• Added possibility to set/switch all items of an itemgroup (f.e. body, face, toung, hand) to standard/linear/flat and also for all items together



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